Text Box: March 15, 2004
Text Box: Volume 4, Issue 3
Text Box: SASBA South Central
Text Box: After weeks of working on his inside game, Mario couldn’t get far enough right!
	Our next tournament is in Springfield, TN in two weeks, then Ft. Smith AR and then we go to Baton Rouge in May for a member/guest doubles. Line up your partners now. If you need help finding a partner, call us at 1-800-682-2198. 
	Ron French and DeWayne Thompson finally got their balls out of his bag Sunday morning.Walls beat Swank!
	Make plans now for Conway, AR followed closely by the Firecracker in Tulsa in July. Dean Hinitz will be there again.The first SASBA Caribbean cruise is in Text Box: Pat Brownfield romps to 3rd SASBA title!
Text Box:    Sweeper Winners
Text Box:  	Pat Brownfield (Nashville, TN) led almost wire-to-wire in winning his 3rd SASBA title at Millennium Bowl in Little Rock, AR this past weekend. Twelve of his twenty games were over 240 and he had no games under 200. He credited his new aerodynamic hairdo for the victory. Great bowling Pat! Jim King got 2nd, Gary Dickinson was 3rd, Gary Woodard nabbed 4th and Grady Creasie rounded out the top five.
	Thanks to Shane Gillmore and staff for being gracious hosts. Millennium Bowl is just 6 mos. old and is a beautiful facility. We had more room in the concourse than all of our previous SASBA tournaments combined. Text Box: The shot was fair left and right and bowlers of all styles made the finals. 
	Ron Bloodworth made the finals for the first time in a few years. Great bowling Ron. Walls beat Swank! Jessie Burnette got “Dog of the Week” with a wonderful 128 game. T.J. shot 800 Sunday morning. There were no 300s, but several with the front 11. Swank beat Walls! It cost Steve McBride $19,000 to bowl this tournament. He couldn’t find a ride, so he bought a car. Walls beat Swank. Van Arsdall started 133-164, kept working hard and finished up +48. Nice comeback Jack. Mickey forgot his pants. Munsell left two 7-pins in one game and filed a protest with the local association. Text Box: Text Box: Maury Newman
Leon Aragon
Roger West

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