Storm Senior Tour (SASBA)

SASBA Champions

Below is a list of bowlers who have won a SASBA title. The default list is sorted alphabetically by bowlers name. By clicking on the "Name" or "Title" the list can be sorted by either column in ascending (click once) or descending (click twice) order.

An Asterisk (*) next to the bowlers name indicates the bowler is deceased

A C Adam02 Titles
A D Bryd04 Titles
Al Denton01 Title
Al Woolum02 Titles
Art Vera01 Title
Austin Hill01 Title
Avery LeBlanc09 Titles
Ben Edwards05 Titles
Ben Hoefs01 Title
Benny Salcines01 Title
Bernie Allen01 Title
Bernie Carlisle01 Title
Bill Alexander01 Title
Bill Fillman02 Titles
Bill Gillane02 Titles
Bill Johnson02 Titles
Bill Keenan02 Titles
Bill Nichols02 Titles
Bill Poff04 Titles
Bill Smith04 Titles
Billy Deel01 Title
Billy Flocks01 Title
Billy Hargett01 Title
Billy Oatman05 Titles
Billy Young01 Title
Blane Adkins01 Title
Bob Alstott03 Titles
Bob Barnes *02 Titles
Bob Eason01 Title
Bob Freehauf10 Titles
Bob Glass11 Titles
Bob Handley03 Titles
Bob Livermore01 Title
Bob Maxfield *01 Title
Bob McGregor46 Titles
Bob McPherson01 Title
Bob Neely *03 Titles
Bob Spaulding01 Title
Bob Troutt03 Titles
Bobby Walls *03 Titles
Bobby Wilkinson11 Titles
Brad Hunter01 Title
Brian Clark01 Title
Bruce Forsland01 Title
Bruce Hammer01 Title
Bryce Ellison04 Titles
Bubba Haney04 Titles
Butch Calvert02 Titles
Butch Warren01 Title
C J Johnson07 Titles
Carl Barsotti02 Titles
Carl Hensley01 Title
Carroll McGuire03 Titles
Charles Avant11 Titles
Charles McLean01 Title
Charles Moore01 Title
Charlie Farmer *02 Titles
Charlie Hufford *10 Titles
Charlie Lacy02 Titles
Charlie Mills02 Titles
Charlie Pickett01 Title
Chris Warren01 Title
Chuck Kent *01 Title
Chuck Maher03 Titles
Chuck Pierce *11 Titles
Chuck Schwakhofer01 Title
Clarence Hathaway *02 Titles
Clarence McQueen02 Titles
Claude Bradley03 Titles
Cliff Barnes01 Title
Cliff Park03 Titles
Colin Kyle01 Title
Cordell Wilder04 Titles
Curt Davis01 Title
Dale Dumbleton03 Titles
Dale Eagle07 Titles
Dale Lenz01 Title
Daniel Adkins01 Title
Danny Inocencio02 Titles
Danny Speranza01 Title
Danny Tolentino01 Title
Darin DeSelm01 Title
Darrell Wood02 Titles
Dave Davis01 Title
Dave Dupont06 Titles
Dave Farrar *01 Title
Dave Lile02 Titles
Dave Lundgren02 Titles
Dave Person01 Title
Dave Soutar05 Titles
David Anthony03 Titles
David Ozio17 Titles
David Rountree11 Titles
David White01 Title
David Zappitelli02 Titles
Dean Jones01 Title
Debbie Ensminger01 Title
Dee Munsell01 Title
Delery Matherne04 Titles
Dennis Bergendorf01 Title
Dennis Francis18 Titles
Dennis Howard01 Title
Dennis Psaropoulos01 Title
Derek Williams08 Titles
Dewayne Thompson02 Titles
Dewey Crow *01 Title
Dick Baker02 Titles
Dick Smith *08 Titles
Doc Williams01 Title
Don Holland01 Title
Don Richey02 Titles
Don Wall03 Titles
Donald Robinson10 Titles
Doug Barron07 Titles
Doug Hayes16 Titles
Doyle Harris01 Title
Dub Coleman01 Title
Dudley Seals01 Title
Earl Bell01 Title
Ed Kilcullen01 Title
Ed Vowell04 Titles
Ernie Beltz01 Title
Floyd Linn01 Title
Floyd Simmons *01 Title
Frank Keith02 Titles
Fred Barnes15 Titles
Fred Engquist01 Title
Fred Hicks *01 Title
Gary Dickinson26 Titles
Gary Janson01 Title
Gary Pfeil *05 Titles
Gary Waddell02 Titles
Gary Woodard01 Title
Gene Helbing01 Title
Gene Rivers06 Titles
Gene Rush03 Titles
George Casey01 Title
George Gund01 Title
George Lord01 Title
George Meisner05 Titles
George Pappas10 Titles
George Rowe01 Title
Gerald West01 Title
Glenn Green05 Titles
Gordon Stuntz03 Titles
Grady Creasie15 Titles
Greg Benefield01 Title
Greg Shields01 Title
Hank Jordan04 Titles
Henry Gonzalez01 Title
Henry Guitterez02 Titles
Jack Soria01 Title
Jack Van Arsdall01 Title
Jack Wallisch02 Titles
Jackie Putnam02 Titles
James Dougherty01 Title
Jamie Brooks04 Titles
Jay Nephew01 Title
Jeff Clark03 Titles
Jeff Janssen01 Title
Jeff Shaw01 Title
Jeff Wood02 Titles
Jerry Beavers10 Titles
Jerry Bennett02 Titles
Jerry Grohman *01 Title
Jerry Hill07 Titles
Jerry Meeley03 Titles
Jerry Miles *01 Title
Jerry O'Neal01 Title
Jerry Swank *07 Titles
Jesse Davis01 Title
Jesse Jackson02 Titles
Jim Baldwin01 Title
Jim Carter01 Title
Jim Clark01 Title
Jim Ensminger10 Titles
Jim Hardesty04 Titles
Jim King *19 Titles
Jim Kruse02 Titles
Jim Lee *01 Title
Jim Moore01 Title
Jim Paine05 Titles
Jim Starks01 Title
Jim Stephens36 Titles
Jim Wofford01 Title
Jimmy Young03 Titles
Joe Bess01 Title
Joe Binder01 Title
Joe Diaz01 Title
Joe Keylon01 Title
Joe Lecroy28 Titles
Joe Roland01 Title
Joe Tidwell03 Titles
Joe Vito01 Title
John Austin Jr.01 Title
John Burkett02 Titles
John Chovanec03 Titles
John Denton10 Titles
John Ernst *01 Title
John Handegard06 Titles
John Hawkins03 Titles
John Hitzman01 Title
John Martin03 Titles
John Montgomery02 Titles
John Sands03 Titles
John Sauter *01 Title
John Servantes02 Titles
John Shuffler01 Title
John Woessner11 Titles
John Wukasch Jr.01 Title
Johnny McPhail02 Titles
Jon DeLaney02 Titles
Judge Transou02 Titles
Kaz Kosydar01 Title
Keith Lohse01 Title
Ken Brown01 Title
Ken Johnson04 Titles
Ken Urban03 Titles
Kenny Gullette01 Title
Kenny Winstead01 Title
Kerry Fulford01 Title
Kerry Painter01 Title
Kirk Harper *02 Titles
Kurt Gengelbach01 Title
Lance Kaye01 Title
Larry Berneberg01 Title
Larry Gilder01 Title
Larry Kassner01 Title
Larry Lichstein01 Title
Larry Reynolds *01 Title
Larry Stroud01 Title
Larry Thompson01 Title
Lee Ellison01 Title
Lee Giles01 Title
Lee Lorts02 Titles
Lee Smith01 Title
Len Stephenson01 Title
Lenny Biondi05 Titles
Leo Kiesewetter02 Titles
Leo Markwardt01 Title
Leo Plaia01 Title
Leon Aragon01 Title
Les Burnham05 Titles
Lionel Jordan03 Titles
Lloyd Hayer01 Title
Louie Manzella01 Title
Marcel Duvall01 Title
Mario Colaluca02 Titles
Mark Busscher09 Titles
Mark Estes18 Titles
Mark Hill01 Title
Mark Huckelberry01 Title
Mark Jensen02 Titles
Mark Saale01 Title
Mark Scroggins02 Titles
Mark Williams15 Titles
Marshall Kulow01 Title
Marshall Medlin04 Titles
Marvin Biagas01 Title
Maury Newman *15 Titles
Mel Wolf *01 Title
Mel Wood *02 Titles
Merv Parrish02 Titles
Michael Warren05 Titles
Michelle Rogers01 Title
Mickey Humphrey02 Titles
Mike Allison01 Title
Mike Austin01 Title
Mike Ballard01 Title
Mike Edwards02 Titles
Mike Fleming19 Titles
Mike Lynch01 Title
Mike Marks01 Title
Mike McHugh03 Titles
Mike Monticue01 Title
Mike Nelson03 Titles
Mike Scroggins01 Title
Milton Smith01 Title
Mo Hestand01 Title
Murray Foreman01 Title
Nicky McClantoc01 Title
Norm Clark04 Titles
Pat Brownfield *03 Titles
Pat Currie06 Titles
Pat Henderson02 Titles
Paul Coover04 Titles
Paul Fleming01 Title
Paul Houston02 Titles
Paul Martinez02 Titles
Paul McCordic20 Titles
Paul Pender01 Title
Paul Toal01 Title
Perry Dufrene01 Title
Pete McCordic01 Title
Pete Seibel01 Title
Pete Thomas21 Titles
Phil Bailey09 Titles
Phil Ballard07 Titles
Phil Kepner12 Titles
Phil Prieto08 Titles
Phil Thompson *01 Title
Raif Terry01 Title
Ralph Pridmore02 Titles
Randy Rains *01 Title
Randy Shewmake01 Title
Randy Summers07 Titles
Ray Vescovo01 Title
Reggie Wallace01 Title
Rich Goodrich02 Titles
Rich Snyder01 Title
Richard Britton04 Titles
Richard Martin02 Titles
Rick Cheshier01 Title
Rick Lawrence04 Titles
Rick Mann02 Titles
Rick Minier35 Titles
Rick Talley *10 Titles
Rick Timmons01 Title
Ricky Siegfried02 Titles
Rob O'Meara02 Titles
Robbie Kauffman02 Titles
Robert Dunaway02 Titles
Robert Genzer01 Title
Robert Gibbs07 Titles
Robert Grigsby02 Titles
Robert Lawrence02 Titles
Roger West24 Titles
Ron Benz05 Titles
Ron Boroff04 Titles
Ron Coggins01 Title
Ron DePolo01 Title
Ron Leverich02 Titles
Ron Sowa01 Title
Ron Ware03 Titles
Ron Williams02 Titles
Ron Winger02 Titles
Ronnie Diamond03 Titles
Ronnie Hulme *03 Titles
Ross DiCapo01 Title
Rudy Garcia *06 Titles
Sal Grieco01 Title
Sal Turano06 Titles
Sam Hitchcock01 Title
Sam Howell05 Titles
Scott Greiner01 Title
Shannon Starnes *01 Title
Shorty Johnson01 Title
Steve Latuso01 Title
Steve Martin01 Title
Steve McBride04 Titles
Steve Ray07 Titles
Steve Shaffer01 Title
Steve Wright03 Titles
T J Johnson11 Titles
T W Edwards01 Title
Tam Wasson *11 Titles
Ted Schneider *03 Titles
Terry Deslatte01 Title
Terry Fogerty01 Title
Thomas Gwin01 Title
Thomas Young01 Title
Thurman Thomas01 Title
Tim Benson01 Title
Tip Bullock05 Titles
Toby Ferguson01 Title
Toby Yeager02 Titles
Tom Clark01 Title
Tom Crawford01 Title
Tom Davis02 Titles
Tom E. Crawford02 Titles
Tom Hay01 Title
Tom McElroy01 Title
Tom Wolf02 Titles
Tommy Crouch *04 Titles
Tommy Evans01 Title
Tommy Krueger *01 Title
Tommy Martin02 Titles
Tony Arabia01 Title
Tony Churchey17 Titles
Tony Iovinelli01 Title
Tracy Patterson02 Titles
Wally Cummings03 Titles
Walt Banks01 Title
Warren Blankenship01 Title
Willie Wells06 Titles
Win Cockrell02 Titles
Woody Woodruff03 Titles
Wyatt Moore02 Titles
Ziggy Czaja *01 Title