Qualifications for induction into this hall of fame:

A Member is inducted into the SASBA Hall of Fame for performance based on the following criteria:

1) having participated as a Senior or Super Senior in 100 or more SASBA tournaments,

2) having accumulated 300,000 or more points where points are awarded according to the following scale:

5 points for each dollar of all time earnings,

10,000 per Singles title,

5,000 per Doubles title,

3,333 per Trios title,

2,500 per Foursome title,

2,000 per Five person team title.

Winners of their age group in the Age Bracket tournament who do not win the roll-off for the championship will receive 6,000 points.

Points for titles by a Super Senior are doubled and points for age 70 and over bowlers are multiplied by 2.5 (Regular Singles, Doubles, and Age Bracket tournaments only).

Points for an age 70 and over bowler winning a Super Senior Singles or Doubles tournament are doubled.

Points are totaled each year on October 31st and those meeting the criteria are inducted into the SASBA Hall of Fame at the banquet on the Saturday night of the Annual Team Tournament. The Board of Directors may, from time to time, elect others to the SASBA Hall of Fame for long term, meritorious service to the organization.


227,000 - $45,400 earnings as a SASBA Member (5 pts for each dollar earned)

30,000 - Three Singles titles as a Senior (3 x 10,000 pts)

20,000 - One Regular Singles title as a Super Senior (10,000 pts doubled)

12,500 - One Member/Guest Doubles title at age 70 (5,000 pts multiplied by 2.5)

6,000 - One win in an Age Bracket Tournament without winning the championship roll-off

2,000 - One five person team title as a Super Senior

3,333 - One Trio title as a Senior

300,833 total points