Bob Summerville Memorial Tournament information and results.

The Summerville Memorial tournament entrys are coming in like mad at the last minute. We are looking good. Can you post that we will take entrys all the way to Sunday, where there are two squads. Walk ins are acceptable. Sweepers today and Thursday. The 9AM squads on Friday and Saturday will qualify top two to the finals.
We will be sending you daily results to post on the web site.
Leon Aragon led the 50-59 division of the tournament, we had 104 entrys in that division today. Dave Soutar led the super senior division where we had 41 entrys. With two more days of competition the entrys are looking great for our first year.

Final Results 11/25/2001.

Qualifying and sweeper results of 11/24/2001.

Qualifying and sweeper results of 11/23/2001.

Sweeper results of 11/22/2001.

Sweeper results of 11/21/2001.