July 28, 2003

Volume 13 Issue 20


Big Dog John Handegard won  another Ebonite Senior Tour title at Copperfield Bowl in Houston. Underdog David Zappitelli showed that he could run with the Big Dogs finished second. Zap just bowled great and was the leader going into the final match. Handegard struck out in the tenth frame forcing Zap to double. Zap's first ball was wide of the target giving Handegard the win. We all pity the poor bowlers in Plano, they will have to wear ear plugs for a month! Gary Dickinson was third, Jim Ensminger fourth, and Rick Miner fifth.
The lanes were flying on both sides. Good shots projected away from the pocket were required, no tug. It was heaven for the speed ballers.
The SS tournament in San Antonio, the first weekend in September will be a SS-guest event. There is room for 48 teams. To reserve your spot the $320 entry fee is required. The masters tournament in New Braunfels will be a match play event. The format will be like our tournament in Vegas a few

Inside this issue:

years back. There will be 12 games of match play with 30 pins awarded for each win. The field will be cut to 1/3 for the finals. The finals will be a one game single elimination format. There will be room for 144 at $160 entry with 5  grand added.
The SS-Senior doubles tournament in Odessa will have a eight game qualifying and a baker finals with $4,000 added. The supers and seniors will be paired by order of finish. There will be a second chance doubles Sunday , $40 entry with another  $2,000 added. See ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Notes: Russ Ramsey won the dog of the week award with 124 low game of the tournament, Claude Thomas left the ringing lily. Larry Norman and Phil Bailey rolled 300 games. Stan and Billie Jean Workman's 50th anniversary party was great. Phil Bailey and Rick Talley did a great job emceeing the event. Jeannie Addington and her Red Hatters gave Billy Jean a ton of red feathers for her red hat. Jeannie stole the evening with her SASBA fairy tale. A copy is in this newsletter for you members that were not there.

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