Qualifications for induction into the SASBA hall of fame:

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees:

Mark Estes - Service

Pat Currie - Service

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees:

       Gene Rivers       Kathy Beaver-Service     Randy Summer


2016 Hall of Fame Inductees:

Phil Prieto

Ben Edwards

Donald Robinson

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees:

       Pete Thomas     Mark Williams     Jamie Brooks


2014 Hall of Fame Inductees:


Doug Barron                                Kathy King-Service


2013 Hall of Fame Inductees:

Phil Bailey

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees:

   TJ Johnson                Paul McCordic          Joe Lecroy


2011 Hall of Fame Inductees:


 Pat Currie                   Doug Hayes                          Avery LeBlanc                            


2010 Hall of Fame Inductees:


Dennis Francis        Jerry Beavers



2009 Hall of Fame Inductee

Jim Stephens


2008 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jim Ensminger, Jim Payne, Mike Fleming, Rick Minier


2007 Hall of Fame Inductees

Charlie Hufford


2006 Hall of Fame Inductees

      SAL TURANO                        ROGER WEST                          PHIL BALLARD


2005 Hall of Fame Inductees

Bobby Wilkinson, Charles Johnson(Skill), David Rountree

2004 Hall of Fame Inductees

Dick Smith, Rick Talley, Mark Estes and Chuck Pierce


2003 Hall of Fame Inductees

Maury Newman, John Woessner, Fred Barnes, Jerry Hill, Jim King, Charles Johnson(For Service).


2002 Hall of Fame Inductees

                 Grady Creasie                                      Carroll McGuire                           Charles Avant


The following members were inducted into the hall of fame on Dec 15, 2001

                                                          Bob McGregor, John Denton, Peggy Brooks (Service), Bob Freehauf, Jamie Brooks (Service), Robert Gibbs, Gary Dickinson.

Name Year Induction

Bob McGregor 2001 Skill

John Denton 2001 Skill

Peggy Brooks 2001 Service

Bob Freehauf 2001 Skill

Jamie Brooks 2001 Service

Robert Gibbs 2001 Skill

Gary Dickinson 2001 Skill

Grady Creasie 2002 Skill

Carroll McGuire 2002 Skill

Charles Avant 2002 Skill

Maury Newman 2003 Skill

John Woessner 2003 Skill

Fred Barnes 2003 Skill

Jerry Hill 2003 Skill

Jim King 2003 Skill

Charles Johnson 2003 Service

Dick Smith 2004 Skill

Rick Talley 2004 Skill

Mark Estes 2004 Skill

Chuck Pierce 2004 Skill

Bobby Wilkinson 2005 Skill

Charles Johnson 2005 Skill

David Rountree 2005 Skill

Sal Turano 2006 Skill

Roger West 2006 Skill

Phil Ballard 2006 Skill

Charlie Hufford 2007 Skill

Jim Ensminger 2008 Skill

Jim Payne 2008 Skill

Mike Fleming 2008 Skill

Rick Minier 2008 Skill

Jim Stephens 2009 Skill

Dennis Francis 2010 Skill

Jerry Beavers 2010 Skill

Pat Currie 2011 Skill

Doug Hayes 2011 Skill

Avery LeBlanc 2011 Skill

TJ Johnson 2012 Skill

Paul McCordic 2012 Skill

Joe Lecroy 2012 Skill

Phil Bailey 2013 Skill

Doug Barron 2014 Skill

Kathy King 2014 Service

Pete Thomas 2015 Skill

Mark Williams 2015 Skill

Jamie Brooks 2015 Skill

Phil Prieto 2016 Skill

Ben Edwards 2016 Skill

Donald Robinson 2016 Skill

Les Burnham 2016 Skill